The truth is when my kids started Middle School I wanted them to be safe, I knew there would be kids that were already involved in drugs and alcohol and I needed away to keep them from being peer pressured into trying anything. I told them I would be drug testing them. To my surprise, as I looked around for a quality drug test, they were much harder to find than I expected. They did not test as many drugs as I wanted and they did not come with cups and sealed. When I asked my kids if they had anything to tell me they said kids were selling drugs out of their sneakers in locker rooms at school and I was blown away!!!! My kids were 10! I had no idea I would be getting this answer so young. My kids told their soon-to-be ex-friends that their CRAZY FATHER was drug testing them and they could not do drugs. In that moment I knew my kids were given the tools necessary to blame me and not succumb to peer pressure. It allowed me to take that monkey off their back.I am glad to be known as the crazy parent to keep my kids safe from addiction because each one is a victory. Every 30 days they are checked with a tamper proof cup and their friends know not to ask MY kids. The parents I have shared this with think it is genius. For less than $10/mo including shipping it comes to my home directly and my kids love proving to me I can trust them. I have great kids and this makes our relationship even stronger. I have had so many families say I wish I had your product sooner as my child has been addicted to pills or this drug or that drug for so many years and this is our 4th stint in rehab. Do not let that happen to your family. We have priced this so affordably because it is not about the money for us it is about saving lives. This is an epidemic we can control. Please choose prevention eliminate the need for a cure. Pass along this to your friends and help save lives with us!

Alcohol is the secret gateway drug

What Dealers Will Tell You

When teens were surveyed to find out why they started using drugs in the first place, 55% replied that it was due to pressure from their friends. They wanted to be cool and popular. Dealers know this.

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